It is produced as sheets by pressing under high temperature and pressure by cross-gluing the fiber directions of the papels obtained by peeling the trees. The reason for the widespread use of plywood is its high strength, no shrinkage and swelling, high mechanical properties, ability to hold nails and screws, easy workability and decorativeness. It is mainly obtained from film-coated (plywood) and non-filmed poplar, beech and birch trees.
Where Plywood is Used

It is generally used as a formwork material in constructions, but it is also used in furniture making, billboards, wall partitions, armchairs, chairs and school desks.

Plywood Specifications

Thickness (mm)  From 3mm to 40mm
Width and Length
1220 x 2500mm
It is 1700 x 2100 mm.
It is produced from Beech - Pine - Iroko - Ozigo trees.