Our story: begins with the carpentry love of our grandfathers in the village, their craftsmanship and experience migrated to Ankara over time, and our first generation started to operate with their apprenticeship, journeyman and mastery experiences in carpentry workshops and establishing their own workshops in a short time. Enlarging its business over time, the carpenter workshop continues its place with timber and veneer sales. With the activation of the 2nd generation, it continues its activities with wholesale and retail sales of plate products such as chipboard and mdf used in construction and furniture, today it merges with the 3rd generation. continues to grow and expand by incorporating construction, furniture materials, and building materials used in construction.
Our services; Wholesale and retail sale of materials used in the furniture industry; one of the leading brands of the industry that has proven itself worldwide: Kastamonu Entegre, Starwood, Çamsan, Divapan, Kronospan, Yıldız Integrated, Apel, Ligna PVC, Cluster Massive Panel, Kadoma, Gizir Panel, Light Panel, Teverpan etc. We are proud to serve our customers with our main dealerships and our 8.000 m2 wholesale and retail warehouse in Ankara Sites, with our product range, and to be a leading company in Ankara. Our main products we sell: Particleboard, Particleboard, Mdf, Mdflam, painted chipboard, painted mdf and backing, high gloss panel, acrylic panel, glossmax panel, polylack panel, coated chipboard and mdf, plywood, duralite, glue, edge band pvc, american and melamine door surfaces, casing, moldings, floorboards, - paper honeycomb, laminate, etc. Sale and application of construction materials; wholesale of product groups used after ceramic parts in construction, architectural design and application service, our main product concept: steel doors, interior doors, kitchen-bathroom-cloakroom-clothing room and general use cabinet parts, laminate flooring, wallpaper, acrylic countertops, our main dealerships for built-in appliances: floorpan, artfloor, uks doorest, Yılsan, yamanlar, lineart, kumtel, lüxell, alveus, vertu wallpaper, decowall wallpaper, Construction and contracting: projects that follow today's vision, either for flats or on our own plots We are happy to complete a project every year by producing housing and workplace housing and construction within the scope of the project.
Our Vision: Being aware of our responsibilities towards our customers in the sectors we serve, we will provide better service by revising ourselves according to the experiences we have gained over time, and customer satisfaction will continue to be our main vision. It will be mutually pleasing to research in advance what is available in the design and current market, inform our customers and serve through our products. We will always work harder and produce more on the basis of competition, and we will continue to serve at the most economical prices, considering everyone's budget. We will be happy to meet our new customers with our warehouses and branches expanding over time.